Hasselt-based photographer Ingrid Bergs is a maverick.
A photographer from the heart following her own path with a passion for fashion.
Things you can’t learn at school.
Playing, but not by the rules.

Meeting people, registering moments,
learning photography by trial and error,
taking the rough with the smooth,
adopting a singular view of the world around her.

Ingrid captures the personal story behind human beauty.
No pretty faces as such, but the story of Rebels and Cuties.
The lovable behind a tough, rebellious facade.
The provocative behind a cute face.
Appreciation for every model,
without prejudice.

Outer beauty concealing fascinating stories.
And insecurities.
And faults.
Personal roads intersecting,
caught in the moment,
and then moving on.

Ingrid sees
and experiences
beauty in all its forms.
And click.
Captures it.
Her heroes: McQueen, Gaultier, Corbijn, Lindbergh, Newton, Roversi.

The images are
unfinished, intimate, raw, dark
and also light and airy, from everyday life.
The good, the bad and the ugly.
Or simply ‘beauty’.

Ingrid dreams of her own exhibition in Paris.
Her own studio with plenty of space.
Lots and lots of space.
Even more publications in her home country and abroad.
Many character faces and pretty faces to capture.
Dreaming is allowed!